Documentation on /now_playing

Documentation on /now_playing

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Some Comments on the API Doc.

  • In the SoundTouch Control API in the /now_playing Endpoint, there is the element "rating" twice -- could you pls check and clarify this?
  • What would be nice as well, would be the list of Enum for the "Source" (so far I know INTERNET_RADIO, BLUETOOTH and STANDBY
  • The ConnectionStatusInfo is upper case in the Docu and lower Case in the XML.
  • The element name "isFavorite" is somehow suboptimal, as the getters and setters then would be isIsFavorite, which is not nice. (I have not seen this element during my test so far, so maybe this is a typo in the docu).

I hope that was somehow helpful.

Cheers, Gerald

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