Streaming music from Synology NAS to Bose SoundTouch

Streaming music from Synology NAS to Bose SoundTouch

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I'm trying to find a way to stream my music library on my 212j to Bose SoundTouch 20. The library is a folder sync of my PC's iTunes music folder. I have the Audio Station app installed and can play on my iPhone using the mobile app. All good so far.But I'm trying to get music to my Bose SoundTouch 20 but AirPlay seems broken (formats on the NAS don't work?)I can AirPlay from my iPhone for YouTube etc.
what are other ways to get music from my NAS library?Can the iTunes Synology server work? Or the media player? Or should I use a different piece of software?
I need something simple to use so that my family can grab the iPad and browse our library for something to play on the Bose.

Please help

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