Sounddeez: My Deezer-Soundtouch Queuing System (With fancy-ish frontend!)

Sounddeez: My Deezer-Soundtouch Queuing System (With fancy-ish frontend!)

swisemanswiseman Member Posts: 4

Hey Guys,

I wrote this app mainly for myself, but I figured some other people might find it useful!


As someone who likes to entertain friends, I had a few fundamental issues with the official Bose app:

1) My friends had to download an app that they'd only ever use at my place.

2) There was no queuing mechanism for songs (other than manually creating a playlist ahead of time). I wanted friend A to be able to search up a song and play it, while friend B could request a song and put it in a queue to be played after.

3) Sometimes the app took a long time to discover my system. This is a network issue on my part, but still, I know the IP of my speaker, so I'd like to be able to set it so it didn't have to discover every time I opened the app.

So I wrote my own back-end server to control the speaker and a front-end server to provide a decent mobile UI for my friends.



Go to the Github page for a more detailed description and installation instructions. Feel free to fork my project and make changes. I'd love to collaborate with people to improve this!


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