"App Key" and providing a library for endusers

"App Key" and providing a library for endusers

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I also read about the need of the App-Key to access the new API Notification API.

Here is my "real world" question: When one uses the details from here to develop a library (e.g. nodejs published on npm) or even a Plugin for some software (like in my area an adapter/plugin for the ioBroker smart home software) how the API key needs to be handled?

Do any end-user that want to use the plugin needs to register for an developer Account to get the App-key without really being a "developer"?
ioBroker is a great example: Developers are providing plugins and all 10000+ users of the software only use the Web-Interface to configure and currently only need to enter the IP (or even the Ip is auto-discovered).

How you want to have that handled?



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    Hi Ingo,

    It definitely does depend on the details, but here's my initial thoughts - let me know if these answer your question fully.

    For a library, that is intended to be reused in many other different applications running on various different platforms, I'd expect the library to have an "enter your app key here" type of field, and each developer implementing the library in their application provides their own key.

    For a plug-in to a single platform like ioBroker, I think we'd view the plugin as the "application" here, so there'd be a single app key for the plugin and users would not need to get their own app keys. In this instance though, you'd probably want to certify the plugin to get production-level call limits. You can start that process by submitting a Works with Bose proposal.

    Finally, since this thread is directly about the Audio Notification API, I'm going to move it over to that forum so others with the same question can more easily see it!

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    Apollon77Apollon77 Member Posts: 3

    Hi Zach,

    the idea is good. One info to note especially for "open source plugins" (as it would be with ioBroker) is that the complete code is public available, so also the App-Key ... Is this a problem? Because it could be grabbed and used theoretically by anyone else ...

  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi Apollon77,

    We'll likely have to handle open-source efforts like that on a case-by-case basis during the certification process.

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