New API / In Track Navigation (FastForward et al.)

New API / In Track Navigation (FastForward et al.)

Mike72Mike72 Member Posts: 1

Dear Bose,

first of all thank you for putting work and effort into the new Forum and API.

Browsing through the new API, I still miss a way to Navigate (FastFoward/Backward or Jump To certain Point in Time) inside a track.
Any way to do that ? Maybe using Time Object ?



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    Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi Mike72,

    Unfortunately, in-track navigation (we often call it "scrubbing") is not actually supported by SoundTouch in general, even with our own SoundTouch app. If we do roll out this capability, we'd definitely aim to provide the API and documentation to do so as well, and I'll be sure to post any relevant updates here.

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