Developer Community Guidelines

Developer Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the Bose Developer Community Forms!

These forums are here to primarily house discussion on all things Bose APIs and related developer tools and programs. We are happy to welcome any commenter for discussions in this realm, as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  1. Be respectful and constructive.

    Respect people's time and attention by asking well-thought-out questions and sharing what you've learned so far in your experimentation or prior research. Respect people as individuals by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive.  Calls for lawsuits, firing of employees or other excessively negative comments will be edited or removed.  Repeated violations could result in temporary suspension or permanent removal from the community. 


  1. Be relevant.

    Make sure your contributions are relevant to the mission of the community, to the specific discussion style and topic where you post. Please do not post duplicate messages in different areas of the community to avoid fragmenting discussion. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation. Solicitations are rarely relevant. If you have something you want members to join, participate in, or buy, ask us first.


  1. Keep your word.

    Don't post anything that would violate any contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.


  1. Protect privacy - yours and that of others.

    Don't share anything about yourself or your organization that you would not want to see on a road-side billboard. Also, don't post personal information-your own or anyone else's - including contact information or any content that you receive in one-to-one communications without the author's consent.


By using these forums, you agree to follow these rules as well as the full Terms of Use for the Bose Developer Portal. We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you.

You will notice that some community members have "admin" or "mod" in their username and/or embedded into their profile picture - this means they are Bose employees and community moderators. Only authorized Bose moderators are allowed to use these words in their username and/or profile picture.  Also, to avoid confusion by other community members, only approved moderators are allowed to use "Bose" in their community names.  

We want this community to meet your needs and make the Bose Developer Experience a great one. Have ideas on how we can improve? Let us know in the Feedback Forum.

If you have questions for Bose that cannot be discussed in the community, please contact the Developer Relations team: [email protected]

We will be happy to help!

If you recognize any violation of these guidelines, please notify us at the above Developer Relations email address.

Similarly, if you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies, send a note to the Developer Relations team.

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