Developer License Agreement Changelog

Developer License Agreement Changelog

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Hi all! When we make changes to our Developer License Agreement, we'll post here to let everyone know and summarize changes at a high level. These summaries should not be a substitute for you reading the updated agreement to understand all the changes, but we hope they are useful just to get a general sense of the changes.

With the launch of this developer portal, we've made our first changes to the agreement since the API first released back in 2014, so there are a good number of changes this go-round. Here's the summary:

  • If you choose to distribute any applications using Bose APIs, we've added guidance around minimum terms you'll need to have in any End User License Agreement you provide to the end users of your application (section 3 and Schedule 3)
  • We've added a restriction in Section 4 intended to clarify that your agreement with us only govern's your use, and can't be used to allow other third parties access. Those third parties would need to create their own account and have a direct agreement with use.
  • Now that we're using API keys (for the SoundTouch Audio Notification API), we've added language regarding how those can be used and/or limited.
  • We've added some language to make clear that if your application interacts with Spotify content at all, you'll also need to agree and stay within their terms.
  • We've added language governing the use of user data.
  • More details have been added to the Term and Rights In Application sections
  • We've added more clarity to the Publicity section around how you can talk about Bose in relation to your application under this agreement

Again, this is not a comprehensive list, so please do read the full agreement and be sure you understand it entirely!


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169
    SoundTouch API devs -- we've made a new update to our SoundTouch license agreement today. Some key changes include:
    • Clarification that this agreement only covers the SoundTouch API and not any other Bose developer offerings
    • Updates to terms for respectfully and appropriately handing end user data
    • Specifying some rights reserved by Bose
    We encourage you to read the entire updated agreement here:
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